These are offered only the summer time.  A one week intensive workout for kids/Teen. Please contact us for information.



SESSION 1: July 16-20,2018

SESSION 2: July 23-27, 2018


9am-11:30am (Ages 6-12 years old)

12:30pm-3:00pm (Ages 13-17 years old)

This intensive workshop introduces young actors to the basic elements of the craft of acting for film using fundamental acting techniques,Commercials, and scene study. Students will learn how to act in front of the camera through-class shoots aimed specifically at training the actor for the technical requirements of acting on a film set using monologues and short scenes.

Classes encourage students to break down physical and internal inhibitions, and help each student find the most effective personal sources for the creation of truthful characters. Students should be prepared to work in non-traditional acting classes emphasizing the construction of and control of character given the unique pressure of a film or television shoot. Video cameras ¬are used during class time so students may see their work at every stage of the process.

Students develop the techniques and confidence they need to create believable performances for the camera. They apply what they learn to a series of on camera exercises designed to develop their screen acting ability.

At the end of the workshop, students receive a digital reel. We will also have a screening of their work.

To ENROLL,please contact us. Seats are limited.